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In accordance with the decision of the National Communications Commission d.d.  13.12.2016 No. 660 the following quality parameters must be published: 

The quality of fixed telephony services: 

  1. The percentage of applications for connection of customer terminal equipment to the local telephone network, performed within specified time.
  2. The percentage of properly operating public pay telephones.
  3. The percentage of applications on damage of the telecommunications network, completed within specified time.
  4. The percentage of incorrect or false consumers’ invoices according to their calls or applications.
  5. The percentage of unsuccessful calls for long distance calls.
  6. The percentage of unsuccessful calls for local calls.
  7. The percentage of unsuccessful calls for local emergency services.
  8. The percentage of connections that meet the quality standards for the transmission of voice messagins for estimation methods through automatic method of measuring the speech transmission quality.
  9. The percentage of calls that corresponds to the norms in terms of response time to the system of information and reference services (SIRS) of the operator. 

The quality of Internet access services: 

  1. Percentage of claims, about the public data transmission network failure, that were accomplished on time.
  2. Percentage of bills, that were claimed being incorrect(wrong).
  3. Percentage of successful sign-ups.
  4. Percentage of denied registrations.
  5. One-way delay time for Internet access services.

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